Lessons From Rainstorms

My husband reminded me about the book, the Hagakure, the other day. It’s a manual for the Samurai, containing a collection of thoughts, sayings, anecdotes and reflections. It’s on my list of forthcoming ‘to-reads’!

This particular quote was one he shared with me some years ago and yet I only now really feel that I understand and resonate with it fully.

“There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you will still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything.”
~Tsunetomo Yamamoto, The Hagakure: A code to the way of samurai


We cannot avoid and we cannot run, but we can make a decision and commit fully. We can embrace the soaking with a knowingness. And actually, there can be a lot to be learned from weathering the storm.

Resolve removes fear and promotes action. I recently read that making a decision or making the ‘wrong’ decision can (depending upon circumstances) be better than making no decision at all.

I love this quote and when I’m having doubts, as like any human being I do, will use it to help me move forwards. I hope you like it too!



Image courtesy of Rob D at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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