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How to find time to relax

I frequently speak to people who want to relax but: a) don’t feel that they have the time b) feel guilty about taking time for themselves (when they’re giving a lot of time to others such as family or friends) c) simply feel that they don’t know how to relax! Today I’m going to address the issue of time –…

5 steps to reduce daily stress

Stress is a part of daily life for most of us.  We feel stressed when we feel that we can’t cope with pressure.  This activates our fight or flight response; the body’s natural response to remove us from a perceived threat or danger.  A number of things happen when the fight or flight response occurs including an increase in heart…

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Like us on facebook to win a FREE massage or other treatment! zenmindbody was started in order to help people to feel great.  To help spread that awesome feeling, we’re officially launching the zenmindbody free prize draw! If you’d like to be in with a chance to win a free treatment, it’s quick and simple.   Here’s what to do:…

Positive thinking and health

So much of the way we perceive the world lies with our internal view of things.  I find it incredible that the same event could be interpreted in varying ways by different people.  Those alternative interpretations – positive or negative – can then go on to manifest themselves in a whole host of ways.

After talking today with a lovely client about the idea of positive thinking and health, I thought I’d share this video which I came across last week.  TED is a non-profit organisation which was started in 1984 with the idea of providing a platform for talks ranging extensively from science and psychology to history, culture and more.

This is talk appeared on TEDx which are independently run events sharing ideas in communities around the world.  It discusses the concept that positive thinking can have a beneficial effect upon our body physically.  The speaker, Dr. Lissa Rankin, reviews scientific evidence and case studies to consider how far this idea may be grounded in science.

I hope you enjoy it; whilst further research is most likely needed, I think it raises some interesting points!